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A Kind Of Solid Liquid

Solo exhibition at Sid Motion Gallery, 2018. Works include found objects, painting and photography. 

Dennis explores how waste items and environments represent time past and present. The notions of ‘layering’ or ‘covering up’ and conversely, ‘revealing’ are integral to this work, both in what she photographs and the way she applies paint. Dennis draws parallels between the layering of paint and time as a multi-layered entity that manifests in these derelict spaces and objects. Dennis collects and scavenges from the streets, in this instance she uses discarded windows and glass as her canvas. Also on display are black and white photographs taken inside a burnt out swimming baths.

The title ‘A Kind of Solid Liquid’ is a quote from Mark Pendergrast’s ‘Mirror, Mirror: A History of the Human Love Affair with Reflection’ and refers to the materiality of glass and the significance of the window which has historically been investigated in art history.