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‘Discovery and resurrection: of salvaging, rebuilding, repurposing, redefining until, finally an act of transformation takes place. What begins as a chunk of wall, a littered floor, a sheet of tarpaulin, an old window frame, becomes an object that performs a persuasive act of memory. Her work stands as a representation of time passing and lives lived’

Liz Jobey FT Weekend Magazine.

Jo Dennis is a British artist working and living in London. She studied Fine Art and Contemporary Critical Theory at Goldsmiths College London and MA Painting at Royal College of Art London. She is the co-founder of Asylum and AMP Gallery which are artist led spaces in London. She is the co-founder of Pigeon Park and Peckham 24 photography festival. 

Recent exhibitions include, ‘Absent Without Leave’ a solo show with Sid Motion Gallery, ‘Positions’ at Alma Pearl Gallery and ‘Ares’ at Cromwell Place curated by OHSH Projects
In 2020 she self published her artists book ‘I touched this with my hand, I touched that with my eye’ with an essay by David Campany.

She has featured in the Financial Times Magazine, British Journal of Photography, The Washington Post, Unseen Platform, The Art Newspaper, Port, Fad Magazine and AnOther.



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‘Time Lines’ C-type limited edition print