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Cropped Up 

A solo show at AMP Gallery, London 2016. 

‘New ruins are for a time stark and bare, vegetation less and creature-less; blackened and torn, they smell of fire and mortality - Often the ruin has put on, in its catastrophic tipsy chaos, a bizarre new charm’
Rose Macaulay, Pleasure in Ruins

Taking inspiration from two derelict victorian houses in South East London. Photographing the patina on the walls of the houses, Dennis documents and captures what she calls ‘found paintings’. The artist spent months getting to know the spaces, demolishing, remodelling and rebuilding them to make what ultimately became two new project spaces which she named named ‘Safehouse 1 and Safehouse 2’.

The title ‘Cropped Up’ refers to Dennis’ process of abstracting and reframing photographic imagery. In this series of works Dennis edits, enlarges, cuts and reframes her compositions and also physically cuts away and extracts the walls from buildings to use them as the material to create new objects.

I Took a Few Things from your Bedroom / Dressing Screen
Plaster board and wire

139 Copeland Road No. 2 Lambda Print on Vinyl

137 Copeland Road No. 2 Lambda Print on Vinyl

139 Copeland Road No. 1 Lambda Print on Vinyl