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Ladywell Treasures

These photographs were taken in a derelict pool house in Ladywell, South East London. They are taken of the ground which is strewn with debris, pigeon shit and colourful flakes of paint which have fallen from the deteriorating graffitied walls. Each edition is made unique with Dennis’ home grown method of producing paint flakes which are affixed to the print.

‘There exists a tendency to situate an object of waste somewhere between two extremes, one sees waste as a mere outcome or product of time. The latter elevate waste as the necessary condition for spiritual, artistic and political change - that is, it helps form and articulate time itself.’  from William Viney’s ‘Waste, A Philosophy of Things.’

The series were first shown at Photo London 2018 in a solo booth presented by Sid Motion Gallery.

Available as limited edition prints, Giclée on Fine Art Photo Rag and acrylic paint,  68 × 55 cm.