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Invited by Flowers Gallery in East London, Jo Dennis curated the group exhibition ‘Matter.’
October 2023

Artists included: Anna Blom, William Cobbing, Jo Dennis, Sophie Goodchild, David Hepher, Nicola Hicks, Henry Hussey, Pia Ortuño, Maria Positano, Catriona Robertson, Richard Smith, Melania Toma, Lorenzo Vitturi

The works in this exhibition demonstrate a particular focus on materiality. In each case, the selection, manipulation or transformation of materials produces specific meaning, extending their narrative as well as formal potential. Including painting, installation, and sculpture, the works bring into dialogue a broad range of media from glass, clay, wood, and cement, to felt, fabrics, plaster, straw, found objects, pigment, and paint. Intersecting through themes of hybridity, translation, and the tactility of matter, they also connect materials with environments, where they traverse spaces, boundaries, and geographies. Matter is simultaneously embodied through performance or sensed through a palpable engagement with surface and structure.

Photography by Antonio Parente