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Matter Out Of Place

A solo exhibition at Sid Motion Gallery, January 2017. This body of work merges paintings, photography, sculpture and installation.

The main focus of the research for this exhibition took place in Caroline Gardens Chapel. A disused Chapel which Dennis launched as an exhibition and performance space in 2010 giving it the name ‘Asylum.’ 

Dennis used Asylum for a short period of time as a studio and as a catalyst for works concerned with the materiality of historical surface, urban and domestic renewal. By doing so she explores our emotional connection to places of shared memory and the atmosphere created by this hidden and revealed history.  She exploits these themes in her physical approach to painting, by applying the medium in loose gestural strokes in a way to cover up and renew or to guide the eye around the imagery.

The images of the walls become ‘found’ abstract paintings – in turn, the works become a record of the time that has eroded these surfaces and reveal the domestic, un-fantastic banality of everyday existence. For Dennis there is a poetic profundity to this erosion. Her composition and cropping of photographs, allied to her paintings and sculpture, together expand these ideas using a process of abstracting and reframing imagery.

Some images are available as limited edition prints.