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No Parts Can Leave Yard Without Payment

This installation was shown as part of Peckham 24 2019. 

Dennis pays homage to George’s car workshop situated on the Old Kent Road behind the artist’s studio. The yard has been sold to a developer and was demolished soon after the she made this work.

At the same time visible and unseen, London’s many independent car yards and workshops exist in our daily lives. They inhabit typically ramshackle spaces on the city’s edges and wastelands.These places of labour and human endeavour are integral to the richness of London communities. They are susceptible to the continuous creep of regeneration which pushes small local businesses out, a cycle which is witnessed and mirrored by artists who are in the same position.

Typical of Dennis’ practice her images are layered, she paints directly onto photographs, and some are displayed under ultra violet lighting in order to establish a specific visual language and texture relating to the materiality and surface of the urban landscape.

To coincide with the exhibition curator Trine Stephensen of  ‘A Corner With’ produced a publication ‘Five Folds & Thirty Two Images of a Yard’  Thirty-two images, made from a single image of the ‘Yard’ folded five times over - creates order and control over a place that we have no control over, and that will eventually disappear. Publication available here.

Some images are available as limited edition prints.