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Shifting Sands, 
The Waste Land

Looking at the residual materials in the studio and what forms they take. Arranging the sand, cement, dust, fluff and broken glass - shifting vistas started to form. New realities and places of escape begin to configure. Using waste and detritus as a catalyst to think about the passing of time, our environmental impact on nature and the parallels we can draw with the human condition.

There are multiple points of reference to Man Rays ‘ Dust Breeders’ specifically, the photographs are composed in such away as to emphasise a spacial uncertainty. Shot in the daylight of the studio, colour is sprayed onto the assembled materials, imagining the colour as light and shadow both toxic and illuminating.

The series borrows its title from the T S Elliot poem of the same name. It is by unfortunate coincidence that the opening lines of the poem appear so timely as the project was conceived during the Covid 19 lockdown in April 2020.

April is the cruellest month,
breeding Lilacs out of the dead land,
mixing memory and desire,
stirring dull roots with spring rain.

Available as limited edition prints of 6.