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Solid Liquid

This site specific installation was created inside a semi derelict house in 2018 for Peckham 24 festival. Combining found objects, fluorescent acrylic paint, powdered pigment, spray paint, inkjet photographs printed on acetate and ultra violet lighting.

In Solid Liquid Dennis draws on wide ranging references, from Charlie Brooker’s TV anthology Black Mirror which highlights topics related to humanity's dependency on technology to the materiality of Seizure in which the artist Roger Hiorn transformed an empty council flat into a blue crystal environment.  She uses discarded windows as canvases and sculptural objects, these incorporated with surface textures of decayed walls, luminous paint and black and white photography continue her exploration of material as the subject matter and subject matter as the material. The whole installation is viewed under ultra violet light and is simultaneously brooding and playful, toxic and poetic.

The title Solid Liquid refers to the materiality of glass and the significance of the window which is played out in both the history of painting and photography.