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Vacant Positions

These images were created from two sets of photographs - one set was taken over the course of 5 years in derelict spaces in London and the other taken in summer 2017 on the Greek island of Skiathos. The completed series was first shown with Sid Motion Gallery at Photo London 2018.

In this series of images Dennis utilises digital techniques to create multiple exposures of decayed, painted surfaces from derelict buildings in London with photographs of half built skeletal structures, abandoned buildings and construction sites in Greece.

The Greek structures exist in a state of suspended animation, Dennis disrupts the images of these brutalist structures with the materiality of painterly surfaces. In this act she imbues memory and history to dwellings which have yet to be realised.

Where the layered surfaces of walls in derelict houses give us a window into the lives of the people who have lived there and a narrative of place and humanity, the unfinished buildings of Skiathos speak of the unrealised potential of human endeavour.

Available as limited edition prints, Giclée on Fine Art Photo Rag
37.5 × 50 cm, Editions of 6